Sea kayaking and hiking around Robberg

Plettenberg Bay: 17 & 19 December 2006: The Robberg peninsula is a nature reserve and marine protected area at the southern extremity of Plettenberg Bay,

South Africa (the Eden to Addo Mega-hike jump-off point is close by). Humans have occupied the rocky promontory for the past 120000 years, probably because of a wealth of caves and the rich marine resources. A large Cape fur seal colony noisily occupies the sheer, sheltered northern shore. “Rob” is Dutch/Afrikaans for “seal” and “berg” is a “mountain”.  The high vantage points are ideal for spotting whales and dolphins. We spotted many hammerhead sharks while kayaking. Their dorsal fins criss-crossed the bay and patrolled behind the surf line off crowded beaches.

I am impressed with the new kayak sail. Not only can we run before the wind but we reached across Plett at a good clip (5-6 km/h) in a light breeze. It survived a good roll in the surf too – not recommended.
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