Blasting at Kraalbaai (windsurfing)

This was a little less mellow than last time – the wind pomped.  Middle-aged windsurfers go to Kraalbaai in the West Coast National Park for some mellow cruising while the family plays in the sheltered shallows. Personally, I feel that this place is one of the most beautiful in the Cape. It is also blessed with almost guaranteed fresh southerlies during summer. This HD video shows what it’s like to race across the lagoon’s warm and clear water from the point of view of the sailor. Some call it boring – but to me it epitomises freedom. I’m still experimenting with the GoPro, video formats and editing. I must say that the open web media standard, WebM, is way more efficient than wmv or mp4.

Watch for the wipeout at the end!

Yet another lousy day in Africa, I’m afraid…

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  • Rodney

    I first Windsurfed Kraalbay in 1983. Somewhere between then and now I was a middle aged windsurfer. I have spent many happy hours blasting across the bay from Langebaan to Geelbek (naughty but nice). Still wave sailing the Atlantis coast and threatening to get another flat water board for Kraalbay when I get old.
    Found this site looking for info on Jonkershoek Hiking. I will be back.

    A great site… thanks

  • Thanks Rodney. Appreciated. See you on the water or in the mountains…

  • Rodney

    Planning on hiking at Jonkershoek tomorrow. That is how I found your site. Any suggestions for an all day hike. It is just my wife and I. We would not mind doing a peak or perhaps the Panarama route… not that keen on the rocky descent down Kurktrekker though. Enjoyed the rainy morning going through your blog… great stuff. We have very similar tastes and experiences.

  • The Panorama Route up the east side to Bergriviersnek across the top and down Swartboskloof is a very scenic all-day hike. It’s clearing tomorrow, so it should be ok, although wet underfoot.

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