A change of pace: fast fun at KBay

Time to get back on the water and try out the Mastehero mast mount for the GoPro that I ordered online from Slovenia. I was pretty impressed with it, although I think it is intended for more modern masts of a smaller diameter. Consequently, I had to mount it close to the sail’s head where there is a lot of “fluttering” and shuddering when a gust hits, as you will see from the video. So now I have my own “helicopter view” – but I do wonder how it will handle a thumping in the surf. Probably better than I will handle it, I suppose, to judge by the after-effects of yesterday’s workout …

The other sailor that flits in and out of clips now and then in the video  is Murray Spiers, one of SA’s leading windsurfers way back in the 80s. I suppose that you could say that old windsurfers never die; they just gracefully cruise around at Kraalbaai.

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