Hiking Oorlogskloof’s Rock Pigeon Trail

Also known as “Wessel Reloaded”

5 days, 52.2 km (55.1 km according to my GPS recording), 18 hrs 27 min moving time at a moving average speed of 3 km/h

Yet another tunnel

We all agreed afterwards that Oorlogskloof is probably the best hike in South Africa – mainly because of the care and […]

Oorlogskloof hiking trail

The Oorlogskloof River flows into the Doring River from the north, draining the Nieuwoudtville plateau. The 5-day Rock Pigeon Route winds through spectacular canyon-land and has been designed to take the hiker up chimneys, behind waterfalls and over great boulders. Negotiating these obstacles with a heavy pack can be quite strenuous. Water is scarce in […]